Growing Sector of Rubber Industry

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Published: 14th April 2011
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India is a country of great human resources. In India, Rubber production has rose by 4.3% this is because of the excessive rain and favorable natural conditions of environment.In Sep 2009 total rubber production is 77,500 tones. At present rubber industry is one of the fastest growing industries than other industries. One record shows that India has about 6000 rubber manufacturing units. This unit produced 35000 kinds of different rubber items.
Boom comes in the automobile industry is one of the biggest factor of this big growth. If we took a glace in the production of tyre production than manufacturing has increased from 3.48 lakh tones (last year) to 3.75 lakh tones (this year). Natural rubber production is increase 7.6%. This is also a major contributing factor to the growth of rubber production India is the largest manufacturer of reclaim rubber. It comes on the third largest producer of rubber all over the world and this is a record.

In the part of consumption of rubber goods India comes on the fourth position. In natural and synthetic rubber goods consumption it comes on the fifth largest country. At present India is not only supplying the rubber of domestic market but also fulfilling the International requirements. UAE, Germany, UK, USA and France are the biggest customer of these rubber products. As consumption level has increased so more avenues are explored for the export in Asian countries. The demand of rubber products can never vanish because of engineering, pharmaceutical and railways industries has developed, in which these rubber products are used. Thus we can say there is always a scope for betterment. In India, There are basically two types of rubber industries. One is latex uses as a raw material and the second one uses rubber sheets for the production of rubber products. Various natural factors and manmade factors played a part in the development in the rubber production. There is an easy availability of raw material and labor. Training institutes also provide the training to this labor that helped in the growth of this sector. Due to this the lifestyle of common man and the demand of quality products increased all over the world. Because of this there has been seen 8% growth in this sector. This gives the boost of Indian economy and livelihood to many homes. Advance machinery like Rubber cutting machines giving a new way to Rubber industry.

Tires are the number one product that the rubber industry makes. Many people who have firestone tires in their vehicles went out and bought new tries because they know this is safe.Due to the new techniques and good public relations rubber industry gives an economical strength to India. Rubber products are mainly used in industry for commercial purpose and also for residential use. Rubber has positioned itself quite strongly in every sector. And this industry is serving various applications used for day to day life. This is great achievement for India.

Sun Exim,reclaim rubber manufacturers & exporters, has established its worth and versatility by use in automobile tyres, butyl tubes, cycle tyres & tubes, battery containers, tread rubber, belts & hoses, molded & extruded products. Recycling is an ecological necessity; but reclaiming plays a crucial role in the economy as well. Reclaim rubber helps in save energy and it is eco friendly. Reclaim is a process of de-polymerization, wherein vulcanized waste rubber is ground, treated with application of heat, chemicals and is then intensely worked mechanically. A total re-use of waste rubber.

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